Glock trigger reset pin. The easy Glock trigger trainer!

The easy Glock trigger trainer!

Glock Trigger Reset Pin

This is a brand new patented trigger trainer / trigger reset accessory for dry shooting with your Glock pistol*

Cheap, easy no modifications needed at all!

It costs only 27.75USD (approx. 25EUR) if you buy it from ebay free shipping,
or you can buy it directly from Paypal only 24.44USD (aprox. 22EUR) free shipping !

Made from stainless (Inox 304) steel, with elastic covers to the ends
(you can choose between black or red color!)

Glock trigger trainer (glok-E-trainer)
so you can easily install and remove it in seconds…

        Key features:
  1. No modifications needed
  2. No gunsmith tools needed
  3. Install and remove it in seconds
  4. Barrel is aligned to the sights, so it can be used together with a laser or any other aiming aid
  5. Can be used as an active safety (ONLY FOR STORAGE – NOT FOR CARRYING)
  6. No hitting of firing pin 

See cutaway and video below, how it works and how it can be installed/removed:


Supported Glock pistols with normal serrations:

 Glock normal serrations

Glock trigger trainer types (glok-E-trainer)

Not supported Glock 36, 42, 43 
and Glocks with gills serrations

Glock gills serattions


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Or buy it directly (and cheaper!) for 24.44USD with Paypal

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Glock trigger reset (glok-E-trainer) black

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It is shipped as registered, which means that you can track your order with a unique tracking number and delivery requires your signature!

*glok-E-trainer does not provide the ability to feel the "wall" of the 2nd stage and the "break" of the firing pin as it aims to increase target accuracy for citizens, police and military personnel who need it at stressful moments or situations, easily and cheap without using expensive professional equipment.

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